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For Businesses:


Rehearsal is an essential process in the theatre. A directer will often say to an actor 'tell the story' and aim to ensure that whatever an actor is saying or doing on stage they are always communicating the intended meaning.


When you are speaking to your employees, teams, customers, clients or colleagues are you really communicating what you intend? How are you coming across? Is there something in the style of your delivery, vocal quality or body language that is detracting from what you are trying to say? Is your message being lost or misinterpreted in some way?


I can work ('rehearse') with you, to ensure that whatever the context; making a formal speech, speaking at a meeting, delivering a presentation or simply in your day to day interactions you will be an able to deliver your message with clarity and consistency.


I will devise and deliver sessions or a programme of activities that will help individuals and/or groups become more effective communicators in the workplace. All interventions will be developed following consultation and customised to suit your business needs.

Edward Pinner
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